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over the past 30 years, nipan oranniwesna has produced a varied and diverse portfolio of artworks. his special quality in choosing the materials and artistic language he uses informs his unfettered working process and techniques. having lived in parallel to numerous historical, social, and political events as a common person, the experience has been elaborated upon to create a network of human relationships that can sometimes take the form of maps, photographs, news stories, historical records, or memories. when it comes to the distance of events, there is no pattern to discern. some events may remain far from our sight, while others remain close to our minds. the life-paths of almost every human alive have wound around the remnants of history. nipan used many photographs in the creation of his work, though these photos aren’t merely media for the sake of communication. rather, they are acting as a different type of tool, one meant to unearth, validate, and explore the memories and thoughts that remain ambiguous. the artist’s works are therefore often compared to the physical form of a landscape. in nipan’s own definitions, his works are a landscape image of the universe that allows people to move and orbit around with no limit. when the planes of each person tilt and bend from differing conditions, how can we relate to one another?

46 atsadathorn road

pa ton  muang

chiang mai 



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