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jing jai gallery is proud to present ‘the lost supper supper club’ exhibition by alwin reamillo, one of the philippines’ leading contemporary artists. the exhibition aims to convey the political landscapes from the time of colonialism up to the current age of globalization through the use of references, sarcasm, and satire, based on the lives of a family of piano repairmen the artist has been intimately familiar with since his youth. alwin has been well-known among international artistic circles since the 90s, his works of art working directly with the thoughts and consciousness of groups that must coexist with diversity. alwin’s latest return to thailand is meant to showcase his latest work, which references details from apotekariya cena (semena santa cruxtations ii or how to intone butiki-bituka-botika), the artist’s prototype work that was included in the bangkok art biennale 2022 international art festival. primarily known as a mixed-media installation artist, alwin’s work demands to be thoroughly explored by audiences as they drink in the massive amounts of information being conveyed. come and assemble the missing pieces of the narrative at the jing jai gallery exhibition space. audiences will have the opportunity to experience a work of art that is infused with numerous creative methods which have formed the backbone of the region’s contemporary art. the work is created through a process of revisiting history, all the way back to the days of colonialism, when politics remains inextricably linked to the contexts of religion, offering critical questions that connect the varying materials together to form a unique mechanism capable of seamlessly weaving these threads. jing jai gallery is proud to present ‘the lost supper supper club’ exhibition by alwin reamillo, a universe of art that invites audiences to search for the cracks between the questions raised by the artist, as well as the fragments scattered in between the gaps between social classes in the philppines. this exhibition presents another chance for the artist to guide visitors as they trace the lines of thought, re-igniting their curiosity for the safe spaces around them. the exhibition will be open between the 22nd of july to the 22nd of october, 2023. entry is free for all visitors. opening hours are between 10:00-17:00 hrs. on weekdays, and 8:00-17:00 hrs. on weekends. the official opening reception for the exhibition will be held on the 22nd of july, 18:00 hrs. onwards. about the artist alwin reamillo is a contemporary artist from the philippines who has garnered global recognition for his cross-disciplinary works, including installations, sculptures, and other community-engagement initiatives. with a body of work that has been consistently added to for over 30 years, alwin has been featured in exhibitions around the world. his works primarily focus on the critique of colonialism, globalization, and societal issues within the philippines, inviting audiences to discuss their own views on the issues. alwin has been actively presented in australia and the philippines and has participated in exhibition and collaborative project nationally and internationally including taiwan and japan. he was awarded with freeman foundation for asian artist fellowship, vermont studio center, the usa in 1996 and thirteen artists awards, cultural center of the philippines in 1994.

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