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f a l l - a solo exhibition by nipan oranniwesna

1 march - 2 june 2024

Nipan Oranniwesna presents his latest work, which while simple, possesses the unique methodology that is his signature. His artistic language permeates through his unfettered working process, choice of materials, and techniques. Having lived in parallel to numerous historical, social, and political events as a common person, the experience has been elaborated upon creating a network of human relationships that can sometimes take the form of a map, photograph, news stories, historical records, or memories. On the day the world is turned flat once more, not in physical terms, but through consciousness of the connectivity of the modern world. Our humanity has been organized into data and statistics. There are no more secrets to hide behind the curvature of the earth any longer. Nipan’s works explore the meaning of life in these new forms, to bring his audiences into the varied and complex rhythm of life. When it comes to the distance of events, there is no pattern to discern. Some events may remain far from our sight, while others remain close to our minds. The life-paths of almost every human alive have wound around the remnants of history. Nipan used many photographs in the creation of his work, though these photos aren’t merely media for the sake of communication. Rather, they are acting as a different type of tool, one meant to unearth, validate, and explore the memories and thoughts that remain ambiguous. What will have a clear impact on viewers are the distance and method in which one ‘looks’, as some things demand to be seen up close, while also reiterating upon the varying experiences of each viewer. Other things require distance to be experienced and understood. While Nipan might not describe himself as a photographer, he has presented the most simple and crucial aspect of photography, which is “to see” with the “standpoint” of the viewer as the main variable. It is this variable that can almost be considered perfectly limitless in relation to an individual’s place and time. Oftentimes, history insists that we peek through crevasses we never expected. Not so small that we can’t see through, though not so large it becomes obvious. Nipan’s works are often assembled to be within the physical language of landscapes. By the artist’s own definition, his works are akin to a temporal plane that anyone can access (depending on the distance it takes for them to see). When the planes of existence for each person exist upon differing foundations, how are we to meet or touch one another on the same plane of awareness? The ‘fall’ exhibition will act as a space for everyone to embark on this journey together. Each of us has a mental collage of ourselves. If life is a picture filled with the fragility and haziness of meaning, everyone can only “know” as much as our awareness allows. Once more, the work of Nipan Oranniwesna has brought us together on a day where probability has unerringly and earnestly done its work.

46 atsadathorn road

pa ton  muang

chiang mai 



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