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in the gallery | 84 Years of Charoon Boonsuan

The 84 Years of Charoon Boonsuan exhibition is the story of Charoon Boonsuan’s 84-year journey through the world of paintings. From his initial desire of painting backdrops for Likay performances, Charoon would go on to enroll at renowned art institute Silpakorn University. The works displayed in this exhibition gradually reveal the venerable artist’s career, a continuous tapestry of work spanning over 84 years. Fua Haripitak and Prof. Silpa Bhirasri were influential figures who collectively established the artist’s working process, a guideline that many artists still practice and follow to this day: The achievement of mastery through perseverance, reflected through various forms of work, from abstract paintings, cubism paintings, and landscape paintings. Works of art may stand out through color usage, technique, composition, and conceptualization, a combination of traits that are unique to each individual artist. Combined with analysis, observation, and interpretation, to achieve a level of understanding, the artist can then take the beginning steps towards the realization of a piece of art. Even Rong Wongsawan himself has called Charoon an artist who is capable of painting whatever object presented to him with such wondrous and complex color palettes. This makes Charoon’s comparable to scenes from life, created through his original techniques, observing the outside world and his own inner thoughts alike through the lens of personal experience.

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